About Quality Kosher Catering

Quality Kosher Catering is a kosher catering company with a passion to create unique once in a lifetime events by providing the finest cuisine, and personal service. 

We understand that the affairs we cater are not just events, but rather momentous occasions in our client’s lives, and we always feel privileged to be a part of them. 

Whether it’s a personalized birthday cake, an annual dinner, or the wedding of your dreams, with our passion for creativity and strength for innovation, we will help you Turn Moments into Memories.


History and Philosophy


Quality Kosher Catering today is the product of a 50-year story of hard work, talent, passion, and perseverance. 


Etta (Elizabeth Esther) Kohn came to America from Hungary with her two sons Paul and Tommy in 1956. Shortly after moving from New York City’s Upper West Side to Detroit, MI, Etta founded Royal Kosher Catering in 1966. Her success as a caterer came from her trademark of delicious kosher food with homemade flavor and character. Etta made every effort to seek out the best food and freshest ingredients to infuse with her talent and love for catering. Her flagging commitment to the highest quality food and service left an indelible mark on her son, Paul. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

On May 15th 1978 - Paul Kohn, along with his mother Etta, launched Quality Kosher Catering. Three years following Quality Kosher Catering relocated to Shaarey Zedek Synagogue in Southfield, MI, and has been the resident caterer ever since. 

Paul Kohn revolutionized the kosher catering industry in Michigan by taking the company his mother started and developing it into a truly premiere catering company.

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From 1978 through 2011 Paul catered everything from majestic weddings, to rocking bar/bat mitzvahs, to campaign events for George Bush and Bill Clinton. Paul Kohn catered countless “never been done before” events that will forever remain in the memory of those who were present. The energy, passion, innovation, excellence, and love that Paul injected into everything he did may never be replicated but the influence of all that he did will never fade from our minds or the universe. 


Paul’s wife and son, Leah (President) and Daniel (CEO), now continue the legacy that Etta and Paul created. 

Quality Kosher Catering continues to be the modern benchmark of fine dining, personal service, and innovation in the catering industry.

 Paul Kohn forever changed the idea that; “Being a kosher caterer could be an obstacle to innovative cuisine and exceptional service in the food industry”. Today, the team at Quality Kosher Catering continues what Paul instilled; that being a kosher caterer is a privilege and a great opportunity to exceed every client’s expectations.